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Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals mission is providing quality organic haircare at affordable prices!

  • -Felicia Mitchell-Hampton

    I highly recommend Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals because the product works and is affordable. What I love most about the product is a little goes a long way and you do not have a white flaky build up of residue, in addition, and most important, the products does exactly what ithey were created to do. The moisturizer cream leaves my hair feeling moist and smelling excellent. The high-definition twist and body cream is perfect for my 4C curl pattern. I have received so many compliments after using this product. I confidently and proudly attend events without double checking for unwanted “white creamy” patches. My curl pattern definition is unmatched, I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals drying out my hair and the mango leaves my hair smelling so good. All this for a low price. I am grateful to have found an all natural product that is perfect for my hair. I had a great experience shopping with Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals and I plan to use them in the future.

  • - Karanna Wright

    I decided to do a quick co wash using @rajeeyahsweetnaturals Raw Honey Sweet Almond Cowash Detangler. Baybeeee let me tell y’all how bomb this Cowash is. It not only softened my hair, it left it feeling moisturized and my scalp was removed of any buildup and my hair was free of all smells. But here’s what left me in awe of this co wash, I don’t wash my hair without it being in 4 sections for 2 reasons. 1. My hair normally mattes and tangles too much and 2. I use way too much product. But when I used this co wash last night, I washed my hair without it being sectioned and my hair DID NOT tangle or matte. I was able to finger detangle and cleanse my hair without any knots and tangles. When I say I was in awe, I WAS IN AWE and on cloud 9. Moisturizing ,Detangling, Cleansing, Softening,

  • - Onika Long

    I absolutely love these natural organic hair care products, my favs for my children's hair is the Hy-Definition Twist & Body Butter, and Shea Coconut Moisture Cream. Even when I moved to Atlanta, I even had it sent to me thats how much I love these hair care products, & I would highly recommend these hair care products to anyone!!!



    OMG!!!!! I purchased a sample kit of RSN and wanted to wait until I tried all of the products before writing my review. I LOVE this brand and will be a lifetime customer. I am in love with the moisturizer and leave-in conditioner. All of the products have a delicious smell! I used them on my four year old’s hair and she loved the smell of them as well. Rajeeyah I will be calling you tomorrow to place another order.