About Us

        Rajeeyah Sahar is the CEO and formulating chemist at Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals. She was inspired to launch her hair care company after embracing and understanding the beauty of her own natural curls in 2012.  Rajeeyah realized the current demand for quality organic products for textured hair. The products that were on the market produced false claims, focused on the physical look versus the overall health of the hair and many were ineffective. Many women were not seeing the benefits from using these commercial hair products and wanted products that were organic and moisturizing. Rajeeyah spent many months in the kitchen mixing and concocting products that are guaranteed to provide intense moisture and nutrients that would penetrate the hair shaft to stimulate the hair follicles and provide strong healthy hair. This product line is designed for people with textured hair, dry hair, growth issues, dandruff and anyone who wish to have soft bouncy curls. Finally you can have a product line that actually promotes healthy hair.